NEW VS 825SD color underwater viewing system

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The VS825SD sets a new standard in underwater viewing technology. This camera system is equipped with Sony’s most powerful Super HAD II CCD optics and an oversized 8-inch waterproof Solar Intelligent® Display. The display is 3 times brighter than previous models and can be switched between Color and Black & White to produce a breathtaking view of the underwater world, regardless of the conditions. Complete with 75-feet of Kevlar reinforced cable, on-screen displays of camera depth, direction, water temp and battery voltage, you will always stay on top of the fish! Calibrated for use in either fresh or salt water. Display information can even be converted to metric. The unit comes complete and ready for rotation with a MarCum Camera Panner.

It’s as simple as pressing a key to choose between keypad control system functions. Keypad controls: power ON/OFF, LED underwater lighting, dimmer control for lighting intensity, screen contrast, color, and screen brightness. A video output jack is located at the back of the monitor to allow for recording. Never before has a viewing system catered to the user like this; the compact VS 825c screen folds down for storage allowing for maximum portability and protection. It’s the first usable color viewing system for both winter ice fishing and open water use.



-Sunlight viewable LCD Screen requires no viewing shroud.

-Darkwater technology lighting system greatly reduces particle reflection and improves viewing distance.

-New Manta camera design incorporates super high intensity bright white LED’s.

-8-inch color flat panel LCD screen with 600v x 800h resolution.

-Viewing screen conveniently folds down for storage allowing easy transport.

-Color LCD screen System utilizes sunlight readable 8-inch color LCD flat panel 4:3 aspect ratio (full screen) display offering 600v x 800h solution. A color system that actually works! Now that’s a break through in viewing technology.

Camera Sony Super HAD Color CCD camera.

-Lighting Super bright high intensity white LED’s utilizing Darkwater™ technology for superior low light viewing.

-Camera cable System includes 75 feet of cable.

-Weather-resistant soft-pack The VS 825c is housed in a weather-resistant, padded soft-pack that helps protect the monitor housing from the elements and from damage due to transportation. The soft-pack is made from a durable PVC backed 600 denier material and is held closed with zippers and Velcro closers. Accessory storage pockets are also included.

-Battery and charger System includes a 12-volt 7-amp hour battery and 1-amp two-stage charger so you’re always ready for action.

-Camera controls, viewing and recording Monitor keypad controls: ON/OFF lighting system, LED dimmer control which increases/decreases lighting intensity, LCD screen contrast and brightness. Video output jack allows for connection to recording device.

MarCum VS 825SD – $699 out of stock

MarCum VS 625SD

The VS625SD is new for 2010-11, and features several MarCum innovations. A 6-inch waterproof LCD display utilizes Solar Intelligent® Technology. The screen is 3 times brighter than previous models and can be switched between Color and Black & White so viewing can be achieved in all conditions. The unit features Sony’s New Super HAD II CCD optics to produce the sharpest colors and the most vivid screen detail available. New on-screen displays of camera depth, water temperature, camera direction, and battery status have also been added to enrich the viewing experience. The unit is calibrated for use in fresh or salt-water conditions and can be converted to metric measurement as well.

MarCum VS 625SD – $549 out of stock

MarCum VS 620

This exciting new MarCum vs620 Underwater Viewing System offers anglers crystal clear glimpses of fish, cover, and the entire underwater landscape. The vs620 features a totally waterproof 6-inch Flat Panel B&W LCD featuring advanced Solar Intelligent Technology for 3 times brighter images. To produce this quality of video, the vs620 uses only premium SONY Super HAD CCD optics. The net result is total system performance, which delivers the clearest, sharpest underwater picture available… even on bright, sunny days.

MarCum VS 620 – $399 out of stock

MarCum VS 380 Underwater Viewing Camera

MarCum VS 380 $299 out of stock Limited time offer