Do you like ice fishing with tip-ups, but hate to hand fight fish? With the IFishPro you can fight the fish on a rod and reel. Do you have a bucket full of tip-ups that are all tangled up? With the IFishPro you only need one tip-up for multiple species and since there is no line there isn’t any chance of getting tangled. Does your current tip-up collect snow? Not with the IFishPro. The IFishPro has a wind blocker built in to each unit so the snow doesn’t drift in and freeze your line up. Sick of missing fish because your old tip-up is frozen? Get the IFishPro; it is black so it is less likely to freeze, and the wind blocker stops snow from drifting in.

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-Use a Rod and Reel
-Easely change for different species
-Rod holder
-Wind Blocker
-Black to absorb heat
-Completely covers hole
-specially designed flag to prevent false flags
-3 sensitivity settings (light, medium, heavy)
-Line channel to move tip-up out of the way.

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