Outdoor Pro Series Ice Fishing Jigs

All kits on this page are perfect for ice fishing. Why spend over a buck a piece on jigs with less quality when you can have top of the line for much less and the NEW Ice Flutter Jigs at a bargain as well.. Super sharp VMC hooks, mustad hooks, and high quality chip resistant … Continue reading

No Roll Sinkers

Catfish and Sturgeon, 3, 4, and 5 oz. sinkers. OutdoorPro Series No Roll Sinkers 3, 4, & 5 oz OutdoorPro Series Bank Sinkers This flat sliding slip sinker is designed for use in areas where heavy currents would roll sliding egg type sinkers. The flat, low profile shape does not drift with the current so … Continue reading

FireBrite LED Ice Fishing Lights

FireBrite LED Ice Fishing Lights – INEXPENSIVE – QUALITYFireBright High Quality LED LightsEliminate the need to carry a lantern around for your fish house lighting12V Battery Hook-up or AA Battery with Switch Here’s the Scoop! We would like you to use these and show your friends how well they work so we will keep them … Continue reading

JB Lures

Click for a better view Rabbit Hair Jigs are here and have a great action in the water. Better action than the Flu Flu. Care and time has been taken to put together this little Panfish Jig. Utilizing Rabbit Hair with specially dyed consistent colors to match up with the forage in freshwater lakes. Six … Continue reading

JB Lures Ice Fishing

JB Ice Fishing Tackle #8 Panfish Kit       –       Walleye Kit           –       Lure #10 Panfish Kit Gem-n-Eye      –      Glitter Glo Lil Bugger      –      Ants Rattling Varmint JB Lure #10 Panfish Kit Click here for a better view This collection of panfish lure is similar to the #8 panfish kit. Slightly smaller in … Continue reading

Fish Brother Tips-ups

Patented as the “Packaged Platform Tip-Up”, it is the epitome of simplicity. Two ruggedly reliable and easy-to-use tip-ups that compact into their own case/base container. When in use they keep the ice hole free of snow and as the bases are black and absorb heat, help prevent the hole from freezing. Adjustable drag, above water … Continue reading

Artic Armor

Arctic Armor Suits for Ice Fishing, Open water fishing, Hunting, Rain Jacket & Bibs, Snowmobiling, ATVs and Outdoor Use IT FLOATS! – Is it Worth the Money – Click Here! Outdoor Pro Store offers the Arctic Armor™ Suit which revolutionizes ice fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, open water fishing, rain gear and other outdoor activities. A true … Continue reading