Premium Ice Fishing Kits For Walleye and Northern Pike

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Fishing Minnesota

All kits on this page are perfect for ice fishing. Super sharp VMC hooks, mustad hooks, and high quality chip resistant paint. Built to attract and hook-em solid.

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Bad Dog Walleye/Pike Kit
15 pcs.

Bad Dog Walleye Pike Kit
Bad Dog Walleye/Pike Kit

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  • 2 1/8oz Lazer eye twin minnow #8 hook
  • 2 1/4oz Deadly Darter # 10 hook
  • 2 1/4oz Pin Minnow #4 hook & 1/8oz Pin Minnow #8 hook
  • 2- 1/16oz Lazer eye twin minnow #12 hook
  • 2- 1/8oz Crippled Willow Supreme # 2 hook
  • 2- 1/8oz Two Headed Fry #2 hook
  • 3- 1/16oz Bully #4 hook

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